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Energy provide is built like a closed system in the electric vehicle industry. The Apps we have today are made by the charging station owners and they only share their units in their apps. If you are not a member of this station you can not use it and get charged. There is no reservation system that offers ease to the customer as well. The drivers can not reach energy at every location and it creates range anxiety. And this directly affects this industry’s growth. And people continue to use bio-fuel cars and create pollution. Our goal is to provide a seamless and easiest charging experience to everyone. Starting from Berlin, we want to reach the whole world. And contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission by approximately %60 annually.
We aim to be an inspiration wherever there are green and sustainable cities and to make the service we use in the development of energy infrastructure a quality standard for everyone. By increasing the use of wireless energy, we will create a more independent energy structure by ensuring that processes get rid of intermediaries. In doing so, we will save the world by reducing our carbon footprint.