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Urban Ray

Urban Ray aims to push the delivery of goods into the third dimension by combining the flexibility and speed of drones with automated landing and storage stations on the ground, creating tailor-made delivery networks for the cities of tomorrow.
The idea for the „Urban Ray“ originated in the NASA/DLR Design Challenge, a prestigious student competition focusing on aviation, logistics, and urbanization.
Public acceptance and the latest regulations enable the first-ever market fit for city centers. Urban Ray helps system-relevant infrastructure in healthcare at reducing waiting times of patients and improving their treatment by delivering medical goods up to 7x faster than road-based alternatives. But the range of solutions for an air-based delivery service is broad. In the future, Urban Ray will add other verticals such as manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce logistics. The same drone will transport multiple types of goods. First a blood sample, then a spare part, and then maybe the new pair of shoes.
We make goods accessible anytime for everyone. We create fast and reliable delivery solutions to improve lives everywhere. Urban Ray will revolutionize the transportation of goods forever.