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Nota AI

  • Berlin/Brandenburg
  • 9 Mitarbeiter
  • Seit 2020
  • www.nota.ai

Nota AI is a tech startup focusing on optimising AI models with a hardware-aware AI optimisation platform, NetsPresso, and enabling a diverse range of AI solutions for the intelligent transportation system and low-powered driver monitoring systems. Our HQ is located in S.Koea, and Nota AI GmbH, as a subsidiary, opened its office in 2020.

Nota gained investment funding from Samsung and LG and the first startup that Naver D2SF invested in. In November 2021, we acquired a series B funding amounting to USD 14.7M. Our accumulated investment funding marks a sum of USD 23M.
In addition to the investment funding, Nota’s technology recently gained recognition as our pilot projects became the subject of Nvidia and Arm’s success stories in 2021. We plan to continue our efforts in market expansion and provide NetsPresso and our optimised AI solutions to enterprises in the domestic and global B2B market.